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Tactical Response: Art in an Age of Terror
(limited print edition)

While these three artists have very different work and distinct methods, their shared motives, divergent processes and the profound and lasting political, psychological and emotional power of their practices are so potently and authentically conveyed that it is difficult to quantify. The author’s quest for authenticity and unsparing emotional honesty and tireless commitment to her subject is an inspiration and – further – draws a startling, vivid and crystal clear roadmap for anyone alert to the urgent necessity for and seeking connecting routes to a more active participation in healing and balancing our world.
Laoise Mac Reamoinn, writer, journalist

…a powerful, timely, impressive contribution to our commonweal!
Dr. George Smith, president IDSVA

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In this text Kathleen MacQueen performs a close reading of specifc artworks by Hans Haacke, Krzysztof Wodiczko, and Alfredo Jaar through research that is rigorous and comprehensive. Tactical Response shows immense intellectual force because the author brings to it her own profound understanding of trauma, as experienced first hand, that she then translates and communicates through a reading of some of the finest examples of contemporary art.
J. O’Bryan, PhD, artist, author of Carnal Art: Orlan’s Refacing


Tactical Response illustrates Dr. MacQueen’s firm academic grounding in philosophy, visual culture, and history and reveals her strengths as both an interrogator and interpreter of complex artists and works of art dealing with trauma. She generously offers an unflinching personal perspective on artistic responses to atrocity and terror in the contemporary world.
Pennee Bender, PhD, public historian, CUNY Graduate Center

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