Review & Library Copies

Review Copies for Media

Agon provides complimentary copies of titles as available to bona fide members of the media for review. Requests for review copies must be submitted in writing on the letterhead of your publication, mailed to: Agon Press, PO Box 30213, New York, NY 10011; requests for review copies are not accepted via telephone or e-mail. Sorry, but we are generally unable to honor requests for review copies from freelancers.

Examination and Desk Copies for Faculty

College and university professors may request a digital copy of Tactical Response to review for their courses. The ebook version of Tactical Response will be available in December. Requests should be on institutional letterhead and accompanied by book order information giving the name of the class, whether the book is required or recommended, and the expected enrollment. Requests may be mailed to: Agon Press, PO Box 30213, New York, NY 10011 or e-mailed to (as attachment).

Library Copies

The most expedient method to order is by following the link on the home page to make your purchase through Paypal. If this payment system is not compatible with your library accounting, send an email to with the details of your order and Agon Press will send an invoice along with the shipment.


For permission to reprint material from Tactical Response, contact